A minimalist obsessed in web world, exploring design with curiosity. I build libraries/tools for developers.

I care about DX (Developer Experience) and wanna save efforts for development creations. @huozhi is my alias on internet.


Most of time being as a web developer, crafting user interfaces and developer tools.
DM me on Twitter or mail to inbox at

Side Projects
  • react-overlay-trigger - React component help you position overlays/tooltips/dialog
  • html2any - JS library help you transform your html to any formats or structures
  • bunchee - Zero config bundler to help you bundle JS/TS libraries
  • fpoint - Simple library that lift touch experience development cross browsers
  • vercel/swr - React hooks library for data fetching
  • react-fpoint - React component build high quality touch and mouse experience
  • respinner - Collection of pretty react spinners
  • ecclesia - Online meeting web application built with WebRTC and Node.js, MongoDB