Jiachi, a developer immersed in web world, obsessed with framework and standards, exploring design with curiosity.

Working at Hulu, previously Zhihu, located in China. (available for hiring and remote). Sketching, dancing in poppin & tutting style, cooking.

🧑🏻‍🍳 Food workshop on instagram
🎨 UX design prototypes on dribbble
Reach out to me via twitter or email


  • react-overlay-trigger - React component help you position overlays/tooltips/dialog
  • react-jsx-style - create dynamic injected styles with react component or hooks
  • fpoint - JS library help distinguish touch and mouse interactions
  • html2any - JS library help you transform your html to any formats or structures
  • respinner - Collection of pretty react spinners
  • bunchee - A bundler to help you bundle ES6+ syntax libraries

Open Source Experience & Toy Works

  • vercel/swr - Participate as contributor
  • Daily UI - Design practice during Daily UI challenge
  • Ecclesia - Online meeting web application built with WebRTC and Node.js, MongoDB
  • Rock Your Neck - hackathon project - rolling your neck to play game 2048
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